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We reach some of the most exclusive communities in south Naperville and east Aurora, Illinois.

Let us show you how to reach them as well!

“It’s affordable and it works!”

Our Newsletters

OUR GOAL is to develop a very select group of homeowner association newsletters with deliberate focus on single-family planned communities.

We currently work with 19 homeowner associations. Each community newsletter is specifically CUSTOMIZED and delivered to their mailbox each month.

Publications are high quality, providing the clearest, low cost reproduction of your display advertisement. We offer both black and white as well as color advertising in all publications.

This provides the homeowner association with a polished, upscale publication conveying community news which promotes HIGH READERSHIP.

PBS Publications currently provides monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly newsletters to the following 19 subdivisions in the Naperville and Aurora, IL areas targeting over 12,000+ homes.

Digital vs. Print Media

Over the last 21 years, PBS Publications continues to build our business in a traditional print industry even though we are in a digital age. According to the Direct Marketing Association, the following data can be used to support how print mail gives you a better response than digital.

53% state that mail gives them a better impression of the company vs. 8% email

49% state that mail give is a more professional means of communication vs. 14% email

48% state that mail is easy to take in information vs. 20% email

47% state that mail is more likely to grab their attention vs. 19% email

46% state that they are more likely to spend a lot of time reading it vs. 14% email

43% state that mail makes them feel more valued vs. 7% email


Mail is still one of the most simple and effective means of communication — It’s non-intrusive, tactile, measurable, flexible, viral and secure. Print media works for our advertisers and it’s what our readers want.

Online Presence

Due to the importance of the content of these publications, the homeowner associations have requested that the newsletters be posted to their website on a month-to-month and year-after-year basis for reference by the homeowners. Your advertisement is posted along with the content and is accessible to the homeowners for their reference also.